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Smile NOW!

Post by 7051877 »

Yay! I got in.
From the Dashboard I saw a link that said Smile NOW!
So I clicked it and saw a lot of great Memes.
Are these available for us to use in Social Media or other Forums?
Is there any Copyright on them?

When I tried to copy one, I could not paste it anywhere to use

An unrelated problem, when I brought up Chat to ask about it
as long as an image was showing the chat would not work.
I had to open a new tab to use it. No Big Deal, I and handle that.
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Re: Smile NOW!

Post by salesmanager »

Yes, these are from an old system used in the past, the Media Packs!

You might experience problems in social media if you use these memes - copyright is not our strength at ACX.
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