Suggestion for NFT Pack Earnings

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Suggestion for NFT Pack Earnings

Post by Ces2104 »

Hi, is it not the compounding of NFT earnings that causes the system to not work 100% at the moment. Would it not be better to take away the compounding which would require people to invest new money in the system, making sure that there is a constant money flow for NFT traders to trade.
Previously the compounding of the normal adpacks did not work and it was terminated, and since members were required to purchase new adpacks with new money, the system is now working brilliantly.

This is just my suggestion.

Thank you.

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Re: Suggestion for NFT Pack Earnings

Post by salesmanager »

The compounding of earnings is only one part of the problem - if the NFT Traders are just not having success, we need to do something as radical as a reset - thankfully the reset still gives everyone at least 75% earnings per year.
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