5th Reset for the NFT Pack System

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5th Reset for the NFT Pack System

Post by salesmanager »

Yesterday the 5th Reset of the NFT Pack System was carried out.

The following update announced this event:


The following FAQ also helps:


Please feel free to discuss any thoughts you have on this topic.
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Re: 5th Reset for the NFT Pack System

Post by 1347335 »

My opinion is that in practice it never reaches 5% a day for 1 month for ex.

In my view there may be reset exist sometimes each month .. What I don't appreciate or agree with % per Day always change after reset.. 0.25...1.. 2..0.75 etc

I preferred after a reset a% was guaranteed fixed e.g. 0.75% fixed
Per Day after reset. This moment These conditions do not reward NFT plan.
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Re: 5th Reset for the NFT Pack System

Post by 4916085 »

My thoughts are:

1) The traders are not as good as initially promised, the NFT market is still hot, but they can't make the promised returns.

2) It is very hard to promote a program that over promises and under delivers. Promise#1"5% daly" can not deliver, promise #2 "withdraw initial investment at any time " actually you suspended withdraws.

3) It would be much better to under promise and the be able to over deliver. Example " 0.75% daily" then in good times be able to deliver 1-5%

I know that .1% daily is still a good return but since disappointment is caused by expectation it is very disappointing.
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